How to captivate a Child’s Mind – Interview with Indian Express 

Why every writer needs a challenge – The Hindu looks at Short Story 12×12

Focus on writing retreats and why they are important for the serious writer – Indian Express interview

A not-for-profit picture book project for underprivileged students – StoryBook Me! Creators, 2013

Picture book THE VILLAGE FAIR in Bookworm Goa Mobile Outreach program – Open session & School session, 2012

On being one of the judges at Disney Pitchkiaow – Judging Disney’s nationwide talent search, 2011

MG story in Hachette anthology special mention in national paper – The Hindu writeup, 2009


Organising the first women’s retreat in India in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu – The Hoot, 2008

Opinion piece on national paper reg the state of children’s literature in the country – The Hindu, 2007

British Council Creative Future Longlist 2006 – Official link, 2006

Winning ‘Highlights for Children’ fellowship for children’s writers – The Hindu, 2004

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