Links for writers

If you are budding writer who wishes to write wonderful stories for children and young adults, here are some links to help you:

The Basics – start here if you are completely new to children’s writing.

Can you survive being a writer? – Want to know if you are cut out to be a writer? Take this quiz.

Writing the first draft – many fear writing their story. This article will put all your doubts to rest.

How to move past First Draft fears – Stuck on the first draft? Hyperventilating about it? Read this article.


Editing your book – You have written your novel/story! Congrats. Now comes the difficult part – editing it.

Reading groups & critique buddies – read this article to know how to find a good critique group/buddy who gives you honest, constructive feedback.

Writing picture books and Writing comics & graphic novels – Check these links if you are looking for a visual medium to write.

SCBWI forum for children’s writers – a support group is invaluable for a writer in  the long run. The group here is (mostly) free for children’s writers.


The above links were tremendously helpful to me when I started writing. If you have any questions that is not covered above, feel free to contact me for a discussion 🙂

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