Challenge – Chapter Book 12×12

I am going to write 12 chapter books in 2014. Would you like to join me?

The idea is to have a first draft every single month. Not a polished draft. Not an edited, submission-ready draft. Just a first draft.

Inspired by Julie Hedland’s similar PB challenge, I am calling mine Chapter Book 12×12 or CBC 12×12, for short. By the end of next year, I hope to have 12 first drafts in my hand!

Chances are that they won’t be perfect. Which is okay. Remember Nora Roberts’ words? You can edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page. How lovely if we all can have 12 bad drafts to edit!

Stuart Miles

At worst, it will be a great exercise in discipline, craft and time management. At best, it may make me a beloved chapter book author (a girl can dream, right!)

December 2013 will be prep month (along with a trial run), and the actual challenge starts from January 2014. I plan to have weekly guest posts, a supportive FB group and a live blog about my own CBC 12×12 experience.

Hmm, I can see you’re still doubtful. Here are some links to help you make up your mind:

Why a chapter book challenge for a year?

What happens in CBC 12×12

Planning your CBC 12×12

How to write a book in a month

I don’t write chapter books. Can I still participate in CBC 12X12?

Convinced? Come on in, then… the water’s fine 🙂


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