When in Milan…

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This is the second time I am visiting this city (my architect husband M visits almost every spring for the design expo). I knew exactly how I spent the one week while he was busy all day at the expo:

  1. Slept. A lot. It was so HOT. (not intended to rhyme).
  2. Pretended to write. Caught up on emails and read a bit. Strictly tabloids and romances.
  3. Took the tram and the train and visited Sforza castle and shopped at the convenience stores inside the tube station. Have to wait a little more years to afford Milanese high street.


4. Made daily visits to the nearby supermaket. Restaurant prices were a bit grim, so cooked pasta and sandwiches at ‘home’ and used saran wrap a lot.

5. Went on a FREE walking tour which funnily enough was all about churches (I love churches, fortunately)

    Yeah they are real human skulls

6. Got crushed in the evening crowd at Brera district and was art-ed out in a good way at Brera museum until I wanted to snooze on all the pastrol landcapes

Brera design district

Brera museum


7. Really snoozed in the Sempione Park while listening to an indie band sing Aint No Sunshine. You can’t miss it, since it’s right next to Sforza Castle

8. More grocery shopping, cooking, sleeping (this is what happens when you stay in a cute airbnb with no TV.

                Tortellini in pesto

9. Managed to check out some high art in Milan

10. Didn’t manage to catch a movie in the theatre that’s located right opposite our accommodation and absolutely made no new contacts or friends except for the airbnb host who made my life lot easier by being my translator and calling cabs and checking whether a particular product has beef and such (yes, everything is in Italian).

So, in 7 days, I was out for a total of less than 24 hours. No regrets, because, when in Rome and all that, and locals don’t sightseeing from morning till night, dahlings. I believe in living loco whenever I travel, it helps my procrastination and general laziness. Plus it was so hot, as I said before. I kid you not, I later heard that the locals are freaked out by how warm it is now in April. I mean, who really wants to sightsee when it’s 23 degrees outside (apparently, the entire population of the city).

If you are visiting Milan, I highly recommend Chez Sabine. Here’s a peek into the place. Perhaps that might make it clear why I found it so easier to stay indoors!

Next stop, Varese.


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