A Writer’s Day Out

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So that’s one item ticked off in the bucket list!

I am talking about the two days I had spent in Madurai this month, with over 25 young women who attended my workshop “A WRITER’S LIFE”. I was also the Keynote speaker and chief guest at Arcadia, the annual day of the Literature department at Lady Doak College; it was a fabulous experience, not only because I love talking <cough*preaching*cough> to young minds, but also because it gave me a peek into the current reading habits of Young India (South Indian edition).


Here’s what I learned:

  1. New adults (17-22 years old) like to read love stories. They all have read Chetan Bhagat, Ravinder Singh and Shakespeare.
  2. No, they do NOT want to read meaningful, poignant literature. They prefer books that can give them a break from reality.
  3. Only a few of them have read Tolkien (!!!). Yes, they prefer realistic fiction to fantasy.
  4. Most of them know about Kindle and a couple of them have actually self-published their works online.
  5. In my keynote address, I spoke about David Copperfield and Jane Eyre being YA books (of their time) and the teachers heartily agreed.
  6. The students clapped a lot and took selfies with me. I felt shy, proud and old.
  7. All of them have promised to read YA fiction, and were quite thrilled about it!

Moral of the story: Write love stories with happy endings. Save the angst for another audience!




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