The End of CBC 12×12

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You are probably wondering what happened to my Chapter Book Challenge 12×12.

Well, for some years now, I have been working on a series called The Gurukul Chronicles (TGC). I had outlines of the first three books in the series and had planned to write them during the last three months of this year, to win in CBC 12×12. I had written about 8000 words in Book 1 during Oct, when I stumbled into a plot change… that the 3 books I had planned, would be better as the same book.

Now, like most people, I hate changes. I do not like wild detours. I had allocated Book 1 for Oct, so now to realise that all three books will be written as the same book… not only did it screw up my CBC 12×12 writing schedule for this year, it also significantly screwed up the plans I had for the novel series! Now I don’t have a series anymore, but just a standalone book.


I admit, I tried. But no matter how much I resisted, I could not put my preferences over what the story needed. It became crystal clear that the novel needed all three parts to be in read in the same book, not as different books. I did try to carry on with what I wanted to do – that is, keep writing the book as separate parts – but it all felt wrong. Pretending and being in denial may all work for some time, but not forever.  At some point, you just have to accept the reality and do what is right.

And that’s how TGC became a Nanowrimo novel. I figured, if I have to write all three books as one, I might as well attempt in that crazy challenge that thousands of people from all over the world attempt. I completed 50k words (40k of TGC and 10k of a chapter book called Adventures of Annapoorani) in Nov 2014. I still am working on TGC, as I am desperate to finish it by this year end, which means… I do not have any more time to attempt CBC 12×12!


I don’t have any regrets, though. Sometimes, the end is the end. And look at the silver lining – I had sought out to finish 12 books this year, and I do have 12 books! Here is a recap:

Jan – Maanja Madness

Feb – Home Before Dark (in Tamil / freehand)

Mar – The Diary of DDLJ

Apr – Tracks on a Train

May – The Monkey’s Spear and other sci-myths

Jun – Naughty Narada

Jul – Tales from St. Tessa

Aug – The Ark C/O Unicorn Avenue

Sep – Saras and the Superstar

Oct –  100 Tales from Ancient India (this was a project I edited for a US client)

Nov – Adventures of Anna Poorani

Dec – The Gurukul Chronicles

Yes, they are not all chapter books, and I am not going to declare myself as a winner of CBC 12×12… but as I said before, I started 2014 with zero books and now, I have 12 books. With this, I am officially ending the CBC 12×12 challenge. And no, I will not be doing this again in 2015, as I plan to edit all these books and getting them ready for submission, which I imagine will take all year!

But that’s a schedule I can live with ;). That’s the beauty with challenges… even if you did not succeed, you still would be left with more than you ever had at the beginning 🙂


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