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STOP PRESS! Instead of finishing one chapter book a month, I have finished FOUR!

Amazed? Me too :-D. All thanks to Story-A-Day Challenge. ‘Cos I look back at May 2014, and I see that I have written 30 fresh stories, or four independent compilations.

Now, I confess I may be exaggerating a little… because these are not complete stories. They are raw drafts.

It is a common misconception that writers produce beautiful books at first attempt… usually, it takes weeks if not months to edit/revise/polish a story. I definitely need to edit the stories I wrote last month for better dialogue, pacing, setting et al, but the all stories have a beginning, middle, and an end. And I can work with that!


Still, I have 30 stories, and 4 compilations, i.e.:

1. The Ark C/O Unicorn Avenue (5 new stories + FURRY LOVE, published by Hachette in 2010 + THE BALCONY CAT written in April for Short Story 12×12)

2. The Monkey’s Spear and other sci-myths (9 new stories + MONKEY’S SPEAR which was written in Jan this year)

3. Adventures of Naughty Narada (10 new stories – whoa!)

4. Tales from St. Tessa’s (6 new stories + THE BEAST THAT WASN’T, published by Hachette, 2010)

I am not great with titles and these are just working ones, so no snickering please!

Out of all four, The Monkey’s Spear and other sci-myths has the most complete drafts; that is, I don’t see any major plot or dialogue changes. Each story is less than 600 words, and told like a fable, so to my belief, they are ready to go out for crit. So, I shall consider it as my 5th book for CBC 12X12 challenge.

ready 2 serve

So here is where I am slightly deviating from my CBC 12X12 plan. There are 3 remaining short story collections, and I want to spend the next 3 months editing them and making them perfect.

Because after The Blank episode on May 31, I am afraid I may be at risk of a burn out. The danger is real – you don’t want to over-heat the Ole Brain. No way! Not when I am half done in CBC 12×12… so one compilation a month. I want to shape these raw drafts into pucca edited Second drafts, which can be sent to my trusty crit groups members for their valuable feedback.

It will be ideal… give me a month, and I can get them ready enough to send out for a new home. Wish me luck!



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