Story 31: Sapthapathi!

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One story. Just one more to win the challenge, and I was completely empty.

Seriously. Spent most of day blinking at the ceiling. Could not even ask my brain to think of a new story.

I couldn’t believe I was going to lose now, because of just one story… and you know desperate situations call for desperate measures…

So I dug through my old archives and found a story that was buried deep under the debris that’s my inbox. It was about a woman’s thoughts on her wedding day while the ‘Sapthapathi‘ ritual happens, i.e., taking 7 holy steps around the matrimonial pyre (you guessed it, I wrote it before I got married!).

D Curves.  Noise added.

But now, after two and half years in matrimony, I am wiser (both in subject matter and plot prowess!) and found a lot of bugs in the story to fix. So I kind of slashed the bugger open, did a through re-haul of the plot and edited the story.

YAY!!!!!! I WON, I WON, I WON!

Hopefully, I did NOT win by cheating 😦 😦 😦

Well, even if I did, I now have 30 NEW STORIES that I didn’t have 30 days ago… holy moly!!!!! THANK YOU JULIE FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION!


2 thoughts on “Story 31: Sapthapathi!

  1. thank u . the story has a good concept which really tells what to do. definitely cheating will be avoided.

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