STORIES 25-30: School Tales for Tweens

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The first school story I wrote was THE BEAST THAT WASN’T, for the anthology Friends are Forever (Hachette, 2010). It was about a silly girl who stops talking with her  best friend (yes, I can hear a certain Mumbaivaasi’s smirk!) and how the fight comes to an end.

Since then I had wanted to write a series of stories set in the same class, but due to a lot of issues (cough-procrastination-cough) I didn’t and could concentrate on them only now. It is about a bunch of girls who learn more about life via their daily interaction with their classmates. I don’t mean morals – just life lessons.

Each story is based on a cardinal sin –yes, a very Christian concept which helped because the afore-mentioned girls’ do study in a Christian school (so did I!).

It was certainly an interesting exercise. I wrote 6 stories to complete the list (THE BEAST was envy).


Wait a minute, why am I underplaying it??? It was SUPER fun to do the research on the emotions, connect it with kids’ temperaments and complete the story every day.

In fact, before I knew it, I had notes on an entire world of characters and incidents for a new chapter series (which I will not write this year, because you don’t bite more than you can chew!)

I am a bit worried, though. I had a wonderful editor last time for THE BEAST  but since she is not around right now (she is one of the super stars of Indian kidlit industry!), I have no idea if these stories are good or not. So I am going to let them rest for sometime and then revisit.

Only one more to go to win the Story-A-Day challenge!


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