STORIES 15-24: Tales of Narada

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You haven’t seen me much recently, have you? That’s because I’ve discovered that there is some truth in what they say… if you are blogging regularly, you ain’t writing regularly.

But there are also a lot of folks out there who do both, so…. no excuses!

One reason was my week at a retreat in Conoor, with lots of life-lessons about food and diet (blogpost coming soon). And you know how the return back to reality is… one has to deal with oh-no-the-holiday-is-over blues, and back-to-work blahs, so blogging took a backseat. I had to fit both writing and a lot of new stuff in my life (including ONCE UPON A TIME… all I can say is, Thank GOD I took a pledge never to indulge in the idiot box when it is bright outside, otherwise I would have never gotten any writing done this month!)


This is where I was. No net, no phone, sometimes no power!

I have been working on adaptations this past 10 days, on a compilation called TALES OF NARADA. Narada is a very tame, pious and watered down version of Mischief God, in lieu of Loki or the Coyote. He likes to be a catalyst, and has done various stuff like bring about a war of Gods, but all in the name of good. In fact there is a saying in Tamil that goes Naradar kalagam Nanmaikke (Narada’s mischief always has a good ending).

They are not complete stories as such. Each day I researched one legend and made summary notes and possible deviations, scenes and dialogue in my “homework” document, and now I have 10 such docs. I do not know if I am still in the StoryADay Challenge, because technically these are not full length stories… but I’d like to think so, because I now have 10 story drafts I can work later.

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Oh, I didn’t mean these documents… but someday, I will.

I am not sure if these stories will see the light of the day; right now, retellings are quite passe. And obviously, not everything you write is going to be published! But I wanted to write them because I started my fiction writing career with retellings. I love retelling fiction, especially mythology, but there is no great market or respect for it anymore because it’s been done to death – unless you take pains to be awesome in it, then the editors come to you.

Naturally (at that time), I was not dedicated enough to take up that challenge, not when there were so many other easier ways to make money, so I did the easy stuff, got the easy bucks and I lost my path. Now that I have re-introduced myself to the genre, it feels good to be back 🙂

Tomorrow, you’ll read not about my writing challenge, but a lifestyle one; about my Ayurveda education early this month and why you should go organic as soon as possible, to avoid extinction of the human species!


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