STORY 5: Annalakshmi’s Ancestors

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PLOT: Annalaksmi likes helping her mom in cooking, and what’s more she likes eating the food as soon as it’s done. But her mother insists on offering the first morsel to “ancestors” and one day, she breaks the untold law by NOT doing that. What happens next? Well, a visit from her ancestor, of course!

BACKSTORY: My mother is extremely religious. My father, extremely agnostic. Growing up in such a household was… enlightening, to say the least. Thankfully, I turned out to be spiritual without the bells and whistles, with a thirst to find divinity without being shackled with labels and addiction to rituals. I have a keen interest in comparative religious studies and I have explored some of the ideas in this story.


LESSON LEARNT: I had no plans of writing a fantasy story, but this one just morphed into one. Usually I harness the muse when she goes haywire, but this time I couldn’t. I am not okay with that and in fact I am not happy with the ending either, but considering the deadline, I just let the story take me where it went.

This is the first story in this challenge that I feel I have not given my best :(. The fact that I am sick with a sinus infection – completely horrendous throat pain with headache and fever – may have to do something about it… but at least the story has a beginning, something like a middle, and an end – I can always edit it later!


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