STORY 4: Stand up and moo

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PLOT: Zena is disgusted that cows inhabit her apartment’s backyard, and the entire place has become a gigantic dust bin for the neighbourhood. But no one seems to do anything about it, until one fine day, she decides to enlist the help of The Environmental Ninjas.

BACKSTORY: This tale is inspired by a true story. Mine. My parents’ home is located adjacent to a huge plot, which now is a marshland into which the local residents have learnt to dump their waste, without any remorse. The place also houses wildlife such as cranes, ducks, crabs and even the occasional snake. But the most important inhabitants are cows, which belong to a local politician (low be it said!) who’s using the marshland as a free cowshed. You can imagine the stench and the mosquitoes that visit my parents every day.

Well! As a common ‘woman’, I have been raised with enough fear to stay away from politics (and politicians), but luckily the God of Creativity has blessed me with skills – thus I have created a fictional world where characters are always braver than their real-life counterparts 🙂

LESSON LEARNT: Those who don’t, write.



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