STORY 3: Shell-shocked

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PLOT: A tortoise has invaded Sriram’s house! His grandmother is dead against it, saying “tortoises are bad luck” and though his mother sympathises with him, she wants it to be dropped at the animal shelter near their home. Neither choice is palatable for Sriram, who wants to keep the tortoise.. so who will win this battle of opinions?

BACKSTORY: I have always been intrigued by the (Tamil  culture) belief that tortoises are bad luck. They say aamai puguntha veedu urupadadhu – meaning, a house that has a tortoise will not prosper. Superstitions like these make me see red – and also curious, so I wanted to know if there was a rational explanation to this belief.

I wrote this story on paper because I don’t have a laptop with me this weekend (grrrr@hubby), but thanks to my smartphone, I did some spot research on tortoises 101 to add some interesting tortoise factoids in the story.

LESSON LEARNT: If you’r angry about something, write a story about it. And always do your research, with whatever outlet you have in hand – there is no excuse these days!



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