STORY 2: Chick Chick Baa Baa

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PLOT: After a visit to the village, Kriti and her twin brother Karthi cannot bear to each chicken or mutton! How could they claim to be true animal lovers if their parents are forcing them to eat meat? The only way to make them see reason is to invite a chicken and lamb into their family – literally, and with hilarious consequences.

BACKSTORY: I have a (medium-mild) guilt complex that while I love animals, I also had no problems eating most of them. I have explored some of my confusion in this story. As usual, I started with one idea (about a kid who comes across a chicken crate, dropped on the road by a delivery van bound for the local butcher shop), but by the time I wrote The End the story had turned into something else. Pretty much normal for a pantster.

LESSON LEARNT: Sometimes, the only way to make sense of guilt is to write a story out of it. Easy therapy!

chick chick baba


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