Book 3 of CBC 12X12: DONE!

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title: The Diary of DDLJ

plot: Can DDLJ the dog ever come to trust a transit owner, a deceitful one at that?

words: 5950

status: THE END! For CBC 12×12, three books completed, 9 to go!

Lessons learnt from this month’s chapter book:

1. I bought Scrivener for $20 on a special promo, then discovered a free outlining system called LitLift. Together, they have made my projects so much easier (and my desktop so much cleaner). Even if you are not interested in the former, try getting a free m’ship at LitLift. It’s fantastic for keeping all your WIP info and outlines in one place.


2. Even though nobody else is on CBC 12×12 challenge with me (NO SURPRISE!), I found that the participants’ posts and guest articles at ChaBooCha really pepped me up. No matter how disciplined or strong (you think) you are, you always need some extra cheery and I’m glad I signed up ChaBooCha’s FB support group. There was a sluggish slump mid-month, and the daily word count reminders on the FB group kept me from slacking too much!

3. I was highly reluctant to write the story of DDLJ, because while I like dogs well enough, I’m a dedicated cat lover. So, I was very surprised when I discovered that I had no problem writing from a dog’s perspective. I understood that I don’t have to be dog expert to write a doggy story – a dog manual, yes, it requires a certain expertise, but to write a story with a dog in it, all I need is the willingness to do some research.

Moral: Don’t keep feeling afraid. Just dive in and learn to swim!


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2 thoughts on “Book 3 of CBC 12X12: DONE!

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