Poynter’s Journalism workshop

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Why should a children’s writer attend a workshop on journalism & ethics?

Because she might:

1. Need guidelines / parameters. Though I write fiction, my research for the novels I write are based on often anonymous interviews and confidential confessions. I also maintain a craft blog, which is largely non-fiction and while I am no journalist, I do want to follow proper protocol while handling sensitive facts..

2. Learn e-techniques for better blogging. My blogger prowess stops with uploading content and video on WordPress – my goodness, there is so much more to learn, if I don’t want to become ‘e’xtinct soon!

3. Was SELECTED! I was one of the few selected to attend these workshops, sponsored by the awesome Poynter Institute of USA. When I started writing in 2004, I used their free website to learn the intricacies of writing and reporting, so it was particularly nostalgic for me to attend their pilot workshops in India.

Not yet full circle, but half way there I guess :). And no harm in having a personal chat with a professor from University of South Florida or attending a feature writing session by the Sunday Editor of Dallas Morning News!

I attended only the first day, since the second day was for newsroom journalists (not me) and the third day for journalism educators (not me, again). but the first day, zoning on digital journalism, was more than enough for me.  Casey’s presentation on digital journalism and Vidisha’s presentation on content dispersion online were the most info useful this blogger took away from the workshop. Here are some pics!

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