Workshop for one

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The Picture Book Writing Workshop did not happen. I am no stranger to last minute cancellations; I always knew when people don’t pay upfront, they never really were interested in the first place. So I was content to push the workshop to a later date.

Yet one person, an artist and a storyteller, would not take no for an answer; he had arranged for transport (from Kancheepuram) and was eager to take part in the workshop. And I was glad to share my craft with him.

It’s not quantity, but quality that matters. I prefer to teach one passionate soul than ten curious ones.


Credit: Silvia Viñuales /

Mr. Shafi, thank you for making it and addressing me as guru, even though you are decades older than me. And thanks for the gift of a pen, as your guru dhakshina… nobody has ever honoured me that way. I’ll always treasure it.


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