Writing—So Easy a Caveman Can Do It

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Kristen Lamb talks about how “easy” writing is!

I admit, I have had my share of the “you mean you write and people actually pay for it?” baffled questions, and some have outright asked me to reveal them the secret of writing a book, because if I can do it, so can they.

While it IS true, in a philosophical and “my life flashed before my eyes” kind of way, that each one of us do have a story inside us, the question is – do you have what it takes to be a writer? Anybody can write. But will they? Will they make writing a Top 3 priority in their life, spend time and money and sweat creating good literature (or bad, but the point is, would you develop the guts and passion to create something like that?), and gladly put themselves out there, nakedly exposed to rotten tomatoes and rejections and criticisms from professionals, editors and audience?

Writing IS easy, I am glad to confess. It’s the part after you type THE END that is the toughest 🙂

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Original image via Flickr Creative Commons courtesy of Sodanie Chea Original image via Flickr Creative Commons courtesy of Sodanie Chea

Recently a Facebook friend shared a post with me regarding Indie Musicians versus Indie Authors. It appears our culture has a fascination and reverence for the Indie Musician whereas Indie Authors face an immediate stigma. We authors have to continually prove ourselves, whereas musicians don’t (at least not in the same way). My friend seemed perplexed, but to me it’s very simple.

We’re not even going to address the flood of “bad” books. Many writers rush to publish before they’re ready, don’t secure proper editing, etc. But I feel the issue is deeper and it reflects one of the many challenges authors face and always will.

People give automatic respect to a musician because not everyone can play an instrument or sing. Simple. It’s clear that artist can do something many cannot.

As writers, we have an insidious enemy. People…

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