Why All Writers Should Attend a Writing Conference

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I attend conferences, whenever I can, wherever I could find any, which is tough, given that I live in India (most of the time) and it is crazy tough to afford the flight fare from here to anywhere that hosts a decent conference. I started my career all thanks to a writing conference, and over the years, I have found that investing in a conference at right time pays off in unexpected ways. Here is an article by Kristen Lamb on why all serious writers should attend a writing conference.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image via Bill_Owen Flickr Creative Commons Image via Bill_Owen Flickr Creative Commons

Writing conferences are extraordinarily valuable. We work in a creative field and sure, we can sit at a keyboard and write a book. But, without training and guidance, we can make our path to successful publishing far longer than it might have been with outside expert help. We open ourselves to learning by trial and error, which can cost time, money and be a real ego beating.

I joke that I should have called my social media book, I Did All The Dumb Stuff So You Don’t Have To. I did everything wrong. I believed because I was “smart”, I didn’t need help.


When it came to writing a novel, I spent four years trying to fix a train wreck. With social media, I spent two years undoing building a brand under a cutesy moniker. When it came to blogging, I blogged for a…

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