How to write every day

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Have you heard of the sanskrit word sadhana?

A quick net search says it is the “disciplined or a dedicated way to practice something.

A musician may get a chance to perform once a month, or even once a year. But to do that, she has to practice every single day. Irrespective of whether she gets to perform at all, the artist needs to be in top form and to achieve that, she does her sadhana regularly.

It is no wonder the same word also means achievement!


A writer has to write every day. That is her sadhana

But most of us find it tough to write every single day. It happens. More so if you already have an active writing career (or a full time job or a demanding home life). It is scarily easy to let all other stuff to encroach on the one activity that defines us as writers. 

That does not mean you cannot make time for writing regularly.  Here are three ways that will make the job easier – and the beauty is you don’t even have to be a writer to follow any of them. I employ all three methods elaborated below and can confidently say that they not only make me write better, they also make me understand my life more than anything or anybody else can do! 

Your Morning Pages 

Write 3 pages of free writing, as soon as you wake up. This might be a bit tough to initiate, but once you get into it, you will not stop. These three pages, popularly known as Morning pages, are a staple in most creative artists’ daily sadhana. The mind is a marvelous sponge, which unfortunately cannot differentiate between good stuff and bad stuff to absorb. The simple act of free writing as soon as you wake up frees your mind of all its sub-conscious worries and gets it super-clean to face the day.

To know more, check out the official site and also, consider buying the fantastic book on the subject. 

Your daily journal

Spend 10 minutes every night, before going to bed, writing about your day. There is, like morning pages, no finesse or grammar check or special writing skills needed here – just write down what you did that day. What happened during that mid-morning meeting, what you ate for lunch, where you went after work, what the children did, what your in laws said, what your spouse insinuated… and so on. If nothing else, it will serve as a record of where all those years went!

Penzu is an efficient (and free) online journal, if a simple notebook or journal would not do.

Your life history

Have you ever thought about writing down your life history? But my life is boring, you cry. Why should you write your life history, if you are not a celebrity or anybody important? Well, you may not be important to me, but you may very well be for some one in your family or friends’ circle, who may benefit from your life experiences. Writing your life history is, at the very least, a startling way to ascertain yourself that yes, you have lived, and lived remarkably.

Memory is a funny thing. You need to keep reminding it to remember the good stuff!


An article about The Artist’s way / Morning pages 

Free resources to write your autobiography

A free report on writing your life history.


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