Book 1 of CBC 12X12: DONE!

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Till a week ago, I had not written one word of the book I was supposed to write for CBC 12×12.

I am not sure why. I was busy yes, but more than that, I just didn’t feel inspired enough to write Tracks’ story. I have been actively querying its prequel HOME BEFORE DARK (and getting rejected) and it was difficult to revisit the series, when I was finding it tough to sell the first book.

So, instead of looking at other options, I was just beating a dead horse. Result? Not one word on the sheet.

Then Jan 25 came, and I really panicked. Only one week and I didn’t have a ms! I was going to fail this challenge on the very first month… !!!


Then I recalled a couple of stories I had published long back. It was about two friends, a timid boy and a rowdy girl, who were always getting into trouble. I wanted to write more stories about the unlikely pair, and as usual, forgot all about it in the mayhem of life.

So, why don’t I write 5 new stories in that collection (5000 words, which is the min. length of a chapter book) for this month?

Now, it may sound insane to attempt to write a story a day… but a first draft is another matter. It usually takes me 2-3 hours max. to write the first draft of a short story, so technically I could do it, if I maintained discipline.


Sure, the collection would probably need a month’s worth of editing, but CBC 12×12 is about writing the first draft of a chapter book every month…. not an edited draft!

So, fellow writers, I announce you MAANJA MADNESS and other weekend tales of your favourite frenemies, a collection of 7 stories about Chintu and Sheelu, those friendly/unfriendly neighbours who get into various scraps and manage to escape usually at the expense of Chintu!

Book 1 of CBC 12×12 is completed….. YAY!

Moral of the story: When one road is dark, take another  🙂

3 thoughts on “Book 1 of CBC 12X12: DONE!

  1. Wonderful!!! This is one of the reasons I love working on multiple short projects. The novel can take the wind out of me.

    • Vijaya, this 12×12 journey has been very surprising, and I am not even 2 months in! Learning so much about time management, discipline, spontaneity and BIC method 🙂

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