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In a previous post, I had announced a children’s writers’ meet I was hosting in my hometown. 

Today evening, a group of writers – some wrote for children, one was an assistant direction and another was an IT engineer who was simply curious – met and talked about our writing aspiration. Eleven RSVP’ed and 5 made it. I am happy with those numbers! (There was once a meet where just one turned up… yes, I am battle-scared and bone-weary 😉 )

Created with Nokia Smart Cam was the origin point. I had posted a call for e children’s writers’ meet up and the five writers answered the call. Venue was Cafe Coffee Day (Sterling Road), that laid-back establishment who couldn’t comprehend why I wanted to book a table for 12 when I was confident only half of that number may turn up!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Highlight of the meet was when we decided to form a writing group and see where it takes us. Each writer expressed a desire to have a safe and secure community, where we would exchange manuscripts and feedback. So we finalized an online group, with the definite component of a live meet once a month, for a face-to-face session.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

At the end of an enjoyable couple of hours, everyone agreed that it is awesome to meet and synergies with fellow creative minds. I, personally, was delighted – this is what I wanted. Like all INFPs, I live with a quiet horror that whatever I do may not be important enough – but clearly, what I started here definitely wasn’t trivial. It is a potential story birthing group 😉

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

If any of you reading this article would like to venture into something similar and need tips, you can contact me any time. Planning your own meet up is also easy – just post a call at They have a very good membership offer going on, and the pay of is you can meet your next collaborator or publisher in your meet up!


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