Progress of my CBC 12×12 – Book 1

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In case you are wondering about the progress of my chapter book 1, here is the update:


Well, it’s as bad as it looks. Due to severe time management (+ life management) issues, I have not progressed beyond Step 1.

Yes, I am ashamed. Yes, I am hyperventilating. Yes, I know I have exactly 19 days now to write a first draft.

Wait, wait… That means I have nearly THREE weeks left to write a short chapter book….


(Picture a crazy, optimistic, discipline-challenged writer jumping in joy and relief, chanting “It’s not too late, it’s not too late, I still have time, I still have time….”)


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2 thoughts on “Progress of my CBC 12×12 – Book 1

  1. I love how you’re putting yourself out there, no matter the results. For my part, I’m cheering a little chant: You can do it, you can….

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