Introducing Short Story 1: THE BALCONY CAT

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So I am writing about cats for both my writing challenges this month – a happy co-incidence, I swear.

I know it is a tiny bit insane to have two intensive challenges in the same year, and more than a few acquaintances are being skeptical. I don’t blame them – after all, I did take eight years to write a children’s novel.

Being stuck was not the only reason for the long delay. I was also working full time in my hometown, planning writing retreats in pretty locales, au pairing and couchsurfing in UK and enjoying it all too much to dedicate quality time for personal writing projects.


Image courtesy of Jeroen van Oostrom /

But at one point, while working as a content manager for an educational portal, I was averaging 7000 words a day – not wildly enjoying them, but dutifully churning them out like a drone. Surely I can do a small chapter book and a children’s story a month? (Hope springs eternal).

Anyways, the Short Story 12×12 challenge Season 1 started this month, with 6 participants and a gazillion story ideas. If you need details like guidelines and such, check out the official website. It’s never too late to get on board – email if you’d like to join this challenge.

So – three words as story starters. A desperate child, a depressed adult, and a determined cat. The tale has been marinating for a few months, and it’s now time to write the first draft. The plan is (for my critique group) to submit one short story by the 7th of every month.

Now, I am off to research on the possible side effects of cat hair on a bowl of tomato dal – even though I know some of it by experience, it’s better for the writer to get her facts from much more reliable source!


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