A mini-challenge for you

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Jeff Goins has a great writing challenge at his site called My 500 Words.

You pledge to write 500 words a day. Two pages, if you are a Word writer. And after writing them, you say hurrah and cool off at the official FB support group.

So for those who consider my own writing challenges to be a bit crazy, this will work out very well.

And the beauty is you don’t have to be a writer to take up this challenge. You can use it to catch up on your emails, for example.

For me, this mini-challenge is extra-helpful because, well, it’s already a writing-intensive month – I have to complete the first month of Chapter Book 12×12, Short Story 12×12 AND draft the e-class I am teaching tomorrow at Savvyauthors.com. I needed Jeff’s challenge to make sure all the non-fiction writing also gets done.

But I only write fiction these days, you say?

You’re right and you are wrong. Even though it’s true that I only write children’s/YA fiction, here is a recap of what I wrote the past 5 days (all 500 words or above):

DAY 1: Two future blog posts, saved as drafts.
DAY 2: A long personal email to an old classmate (who was delighted to get it and responded in kind)
DAY 3: A life bio for a novel critique group I recently joined (reaa…aallly made me feel better about myself)
DAY 4: A detailed guidelines document of Short Story 12×12 I am hosting at Googlegroups
DAY 5: Lesson 1 of my e-class on applying for writers’ residencies.

As you can see, a writer’s day never ends. On top of writing books that will make her rich (but will settle for immortality), she has to write personal and professional emails, critique stories (usually for free and sometimes for pay), compose social media posts, draft blog posts for now and for the future, then there are the grocery lists, marketing stuff, new proposals to prospective clients, reviews of bad experiences, reviews of good ones…

Yes, it never stops. Perhaps that’s why we love challenges 🙂

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5 thoughts on “A mini-challenge for you

  1. I never thought of it quite that way—you’re right, fiction writers have to write a lot of nonfiction just to keep in the game. Nice post!

    • Marcia, thanks for your compliment and glad to make your acquaintance! Maine is one of my favorite, er, fictional cities (can you tell I grew up on Stephen King?!). I will wait till CALL ME AMY is published as an ebook 🙂

  2. Me, too–I love Maine. Just to mention…CALL ME AMY does already come in eBook form. Thanks so much for your interest!

    • Marcia, that’s great! We don’t get a varied kidlit in my city (think more HARRY POTTER than A SINGLE SHARD) so ebooks are the next best alternative. Can I find yours in Amazon.com?

  3. I was going to say yes, put the title in and it will come up, but I just tried and it doesn’t show CMA available for kindle (it used to be!) but it’s still at Barnes & Noble (nook) and Waterstones. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, might be a problem with Amazon.

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