Write the first draft first

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I know many writers who are stuck on first chapters. I myself was one for eight long years.

I had to polish and polish the first chapter before I could move to the second one – it was as if I was in love with Chapter 1 and wanted to be with it as long as possible before moving to Chapter 2!

Then I found the solution that would save me from a life of unwritten stories. Writing the first draft first.

I am one of those writers with a starting problem – what the heck, I will gladly confess, I HATE writing first drafts.

Yes, I am a writer who hates to write 😦


Don’t mistake me – I love writing. I just don’t like to write.

Before you write me off as a cuckooflake, here is what I love more – revisions. Hemingway got it right when he said all first drafts are shit. But once I have that hot mess in my hand, I love shaping it and pruning it till it becomes readable and enjoyable.

During one of my browsing sessions, I came across an article about how writing a first draft is like mixing clay for sculpture… the clay should be mixed and kneaded in the right consistency – not just parts of the clay but the entire clay you need to make the sculpture – and only then should the sculptor start his magic and start shaping and chipping…

Oh there was more to it naturally, but that analogy stayed in my mind and I changed my MO. It was bloody tough in the beginning… to just keep writing without editing. But in a while it became easy.

Since I can’t find the clay-analogy-article, here is an equally useful one about writing the first draft first.

So you know what you need to do – write the darn draft first, and worry about the rest later.


“Twisted red pencil” – Image courtesy of thaikrit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Potters wheel” – Image courtesy of dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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