Introducing Book 1: Tracks on a train

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Happy New Year!

Today starts the beginning of 2 writing challenges – Chapter book 12×12 and Short Story 12×12. Phew! I am excited – scared, but excited. I have already started plot doodling my WIP of the month, which is:


Genre: Chapter book (for upper range) / min 6000- max 15000 words

Teaser blurb: Tracks Tabby is worried sick. One, by his fear of trains. Two, by his aimless existence. Surely, there is more to life than eating, sleeping and escaping from incoming trains and ambushing predators? Can he ever find the solutions to these two issues?

Series? Not really, but can be considered as #2 of the CHENNAI CATS chapter book series. Book 1 is Home Before Dark.

Status: I know the theme and story ending (I usually do because I work backwards), but haven’t yet decided on details like how characters meet or how the hero achieves his goals. So, right now, it’s all ruminating in my mind-pond.



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