Children’s writers’ meet, Chennai: Jan 18, 5pm

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Let’s meet up and talk about the art, craft and business of children’s writing, over a cup of coffee 🙂

TOPIC: Gear up for 2014!
DATE: Jan 18, 2013 at 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
VENUE: CCD Lounge, Nungambakkam, Chennai


Image credit: / Stuart Miles

The meet up is informal, and anyone with a genuine interest in writing for children is welcome – and I only say this so that I don’t want to attract, um, non-writers to this writing-specific meet up 🙂

You should definitely attend this meet-up, if:

• You want to write a children’s story and don’t know where to start

• You’ve already written a few stories (or even a novel) and looking for ways to proceed to the next level

• You are serious about getting a children’s story or a novel published in 2014

You can bring a work you want to read and critiqued (such as a short story, novel chapter etc.), but it’s not mandatory. You don’t need to be published to attend!

For more details and RSVPing, go to


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