My CBC 12×12 List

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What fun is there in life without lists?

I too have made one. An official swearing-in list!

Here are the 12 chapter books that I hope to write in 2014, for Chapter Book Challenge 12×12.

JAN – Tracks on a Train
About a cat and his existential crisis (Contemp. Fantasy)

FEB – Saras and the Superstar
About 2 cats and their enmity (Contemp. Fantasy)

MAR – The Story of Jhangri-La
About a girl and her food-crazy family (Contemp. Tween/humour)

About a boy and his goal (Myth/Fantasy)

About a boy and his quest (Myth/Fantasy)

About a boy and his revenge (Myth/Fantasy)

JUL – Chronicles of C&S: First Encounter
About a boy, a girl and a crazy weekend (Contemp. Humour)

AUG – Chronicles of C&S: School Edition
About a boy, a girl and their school adventures (Contemp. Humour)

SEP – Chronicles of C&S: Camp Terror 
About a boy, a girl and a camping trip (Contemp. Humour)

OCT – Not yet decided

NOV – Not yet decided

DEC – Not yet decided


Yep…. By making this post public, I am committing, in full writing, in front of the whole e-world, that I will follow the list faithfully and may the Gods of Challenges strike me dead if I don’t give everything I have to win this 🙂


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2 thoughts on “My CBC 12×12 List

    • Thanks! I have more free time than the average writer (no kids or a day job) so I am, by all counts, supposed to be much more productive… hence this CBC 12×12 Challenge 🙂

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