Planning CBC 12×12

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A challenge like “writing a chapter book a month” cannot be done without three things:

1. Pre-planning

2. Discipline

3. Desire


I am spending this month planning for the entire year’s stories. I pulled out all the ideas I had in the past decade, sifted through them and selected 10 best ones that I felt I needed to write about. And I have assigned each idea to a month.

Why only 10? Because I don’t have any more. For Nov and Dec 2014 projects, I am going to wing it.

pre planning

Ideas are everywhere. I’m sure I will get a couple of them during the next 10 months :)… and also, I want to prove that a writer can also write a book without pre-panning!

If you do not have that many ideas, say, if you have only 1 or 2, you should still consider joining this challenge. Doing so would
1) get you a finished draft of a book in the next month
2) Inspire you to write more
3) be motivating enough to give you more ideas.

So take a pen now, and write down three story ideas that intrigue you. If you need inspiration, here is a link that you may find useful. As always, and RPG are good places to churn out wild, wacky ideas!

Oh, boy. The D word. I am such a notorious lazybum that I am hardly qualified to talk about discipline, but I have failed enough times in my life to know that without discipline, books don’t get written.

I didn’t write my book until I religiously sat down every morning and penned 4 pages without fail… We all have busy lives. Every thing we do survive eats away into time, time that’s allotted to us. And only by dedicating an hour or two, every day, without making excuses, without giving an inch, can you hope to make your publishing dreams come true.


This may be a strong word but I am using it only it sums up the feeling nicely. To make it through the next year, to make it as a good storyteller, you should have the bottomless, relentless desire – to become the best, to work as hard as you can, to create great children’s literature. Without desire, there is not incentive to keep going… the destination is still unknown, so the only payoff for all those lonely hours of writing is your desire to get it done. Without the interest, the passion, and yes, the desire to create… it’s impossible.

In many ways, this step is vital. You could be a maverick who can write fiction without any sort of preplanning (plenty of good stories have been written this way). You could be an adrenaline junkie who can write without consistent discipline (most freelancers work like this!). But without the desire to create and do what needs to be done, you just won’t make it.

So make sure you are in this for the right reasons!

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