To stop and smell the flowers

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Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day, albeit a freezing 5 degrees. After a cancelled appointment at the Temple Inn, I decided to enjoy the day in one of the best parks of London – Hyde Park.


There is really something about the parks of London. Green and autumn colors, interspersed with robust humanity. You see these joggers running, huffing and puffing, alone or in a group, you see nannies and moms pushing the pram around and there are those who simply sit in the chairs before the lake and speak softly with their significant others.



People like me – a tourist/park lover who feels the need to spend as much time as she can at the park before she goes back home! – are decidedly in the minority. I definitely did not see any tourists or backpackers taking the stroll in the park. IMO though, a park visit is as good as doing a bus tour around the city or a day spent inside a museum. The tranquility and views you get here are worth taking the time.



The squirrels you see in the above picture? They are so tame they will leave you filled with delight. This one in the pic actually climbed up my leg! Before i could snap a pic, though, it scrammed. Still, the whole incident gave me an idea for Day 23 of PiBoIdMo. The seed for a squirrel story was sown in my mind, right then (I know that’s a lot of S!)

Like any park in London, Hyde Park is huge and it is best enjoyed in mild weather, but I surprisingly did not suffer too much in the freezing weather. Layers always help. There are a few cafes and snack stands peppered through out the park at strategic locations, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop or take a break. The friendly squirrels and birds only made the experience better.


I’d love whipping out my notebook and write while dreamily gazing at the herons on the lake, but in the freezing weather, that would have looked silly. So I contented myself by walking briskly, shooting park scenes, and accosting an innocent bystander to take a picture of me. The brilliant sunlight beckoned me to keep walking, and the end of an hour, I felt inspired enough to catch the 19 to Finsbury Park and hawk at the cityscape from the double deck!


If you are here sometime, either on business or leisure, take a couple of hours to check out Hyde Park – any park, really. This link will give you a nice intro to the parks of London, and I hope the pictures in this post would persuade you to visit them all 🙂


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