Why a chapter book?

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I have short attention span and I hate long projects. I have always abandoned Nanowrimos and even thinking about writing a novel makes me tired. I quit before I start.

But a chapter book is another story. Pun intended.

Because it is a project of perfect length. It is not a short story. It is not a mammoth epic. Typical chapter books are about 5000-12000 words long. The books in the lower word count spectrum tend to be early readers and transition books, and sometimes those in the higher end tend to be early MG.

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Why am I so enthusiastic about this? Because I wrote a chapter book in less than a month. And believe me, I am the laziest writer in the world (or I was). If I can do it… anyone can!

I wrote the first draft while I was recuperating from hepatitis, during the first week of October 2013. Just when I was mid-way into the story, my grandfather died under sad circumstances and left me highly depressed and busy in funeral arrangements (which in India is a week-long affair). I wrote a thousand words a day, and then nothing for the next few days. And so it went, in fits and bursts.

So what should have theoretically taken me 2 weeks to write (if I had written every day), took me a month.

But still, that’s one book a month. If I kept at it religiously, I could write 12 books a year. That’s a number I can live with- since it took me the last 8 years to finish 12 books!


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