What happens in CBC 12×12?

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You write one chapter book draft a month.

That’s it. Nothing too complicated.

Every day, you write. Time, place, word length, duration – all entirely up to you.

The only thing that’s non-negotiable is that you write every day.

Danilo Rizzuti

You don’t have 12 ideas for chapter books? No problem! If you have one, that’s enough. Start Month 1 with that idea, and you can cook up the other ones as you progress through the year.

I will post inspirational articles and guest posts regularly throughout 2014. The CBC 12X12 facebook group will provide you with all the support and accountability you need. All you gotta do is – write.

And the pay off is, of course, when you have twelve – TWELVE! – drafts by the end of this year and you feel like you can conquer the world. Isn’t that worth taking up this challenge? I sure hope so!


Image credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net / Danilo Rizzuti / digitalart


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