I don’t write chapter books. Can I still participate?

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Wow! What an awesome chance for you to write one now!

See, that’s the kind of an optimist I am.

But I get it – you may not even want to write a chapter book. Which is okay. All you need to be is a children’s writer to attempt CBC 12X12… because, well, I am one and most of this blog’s readers are and if you are a horror writer or a (gasp) literary one, you will feel quite left out indeed.

So, assuming you are passionate about writing for kids and interested in this challenge, you must fall under one of the following categories:

1. You write only short stories / transition books, less than 6000 words

No sweat. Feel free to use the remaining days in the month to revise. Or, write two or even three drafts a month – allocate 10 days per draft and have a ball (lucky you!)

2. You write only picture books

I know just the right place for you! Head to Picture Book Challenge 12X12, hosted at Julie Hedland’s site every year. If you are new to writing pic books or looking for idea inspiration, then check out Picture Book Ideation Month, held every November. Both these challenges will happily keep you occupied all year!

3. You are a middle grade author

You can still participate in the CBC 12×12 challenge. Either try your hand at chapter books (they are not as easy as they look!) or you can just keep working on a new draft every month.

After all, this challenge is about result, not sub-genres 🙂


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